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Volunteers are essential to the success of the Village of Takoma Park. There are two types of volunteering, both important:

  • direct service to members
  • volunteering to help the organization

If I volunteer, will there be any training?
Yes, there will.  Volunteer drivers undergo a two-hour orientation, provided in Takoma Park by the Jewish Council for the Aging.   For information on orientation for other categories of volunteer work, contact Sandra Egan at or 301-646-2109.


Is there an age limit for volunteers?
Anyone age 18 and older is welcome to volunteer.


I want to volunteer, but I'm not a member.  Is that OK?
Our insurance coverage requires that all volunteers be members as well.  If the annual dues are a hardship, please contact usNote that during the coronavirus epidemic, we are waiving membership dues upon request for anyone volunteering to provide services to members. 


How do I sign up? 
If you are not already a Village member, go to "Member Signup" and fill out the membership form, indicating ways you might like to volunteer.   A member of the Volunteer Committee will contact you and ask you to authorize a background check.   If you are already a member, contact Sandy Egan at or 301-646-2109.

Why do I need to undergo a background check?

Many of the services we plan to deliver require entering members' homes and may involve access to personal information. The welfare of the people we serve, as well as legal and insurance requirements, require that each volunteer undergoes a background check and, if the person drives, a check of the driving record.  After you fill out the membership application form and the permission for background check form, we will schedule an interview with you. During the interview we will discuss the privacy policy, which needs to be signed as well.


What does a background check involve?
The background check is a fairly simple procedure,  completed online. 


Is there a time commitment?
In most cases you can serve on a regular or periodic basis, giving as much or as little time as fits your schedule.  The Friendly Visitors program, however, does ask for a once a week commitment for a year.


Who can I contact if I have questions about volunteering?
Sandra Egan, or 301-646-2109